The Goa Marriot Wedding

Goa is the place of 5 star hotels and I recently attended wedding in Goa Marriot. It was best experience till date as Goa Marriot has best ambience, food, decoration and services. One can just go mad with best experience in wedding as they make sure that you are perfectly taken care, offered best food. One of my friend hired Reynold Wedding planner and they have planned everything. For more information visit Here I come to know about the seamstress, a seamstress is often regarded as an alternative for a dressmaker. Historically, a seamstress was someone who could sew, but didn’t necessarily have the technical skills to create custom garments from scratch. It is seen that, women began working at home, sewing pre-cut fabric into clothing, and by the 18th century it was common for wealthy families to hire seamstresses to make their clothes. They were however poorly paid compared to dressmakers - who crafted the more elaborate and expensive pieces. My friend wanted to alter her grandma's wedding gown for her wedding and it was done beautifully. The job has changed over the centuries, and seamstresses can be male or female, and they focus primarily on alterations and amendments.

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