The Goa Marriot Wedding

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Goa is famous for the destination wedding. Many couples prefer Goa for their life time event and Goa's 5 star hotels provide best venue and services for the event. It is not true that destination wedding is costly. It depends on how many number of guests you are planning. Due to some extend I believe destination wedding is not that costly if you compare the quality of wedding event planning. One can spend more time with their loved ones and more numbers does not mean more fun. In destination wedding you can cut down your expense by having the simple decoration of seasonal flowers and local flowers. By opting for flowers that are local and in season, you will be able to ensure your floral budget does not blow out. It is seen that local and seasonal flowers will come in quantity and it will look great. Every wedding planning will take some time but one can get the best out of it. Current destination planning should be done in advance so that you can cut down on the bookings and bargain also. Your wedding date can be shared with guests and one can make the hotel booking, flight booking and others in advance. These way one can save money and it will be great planning altogether. For the best wedding planner in Goa, visit as I recently attend their wedding at Goa Marriot and it was best experience.

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