How to Plan wedding @ Taj Holiday village Goa

Goa is the place of forts, rivers and beachside. If you want to make most memorable destination wedding, make events close to the nature. One can plan wedding near these places and guests can enjoy free time there. Recently I attended wedding at Fort Fatehgarh. Fort Fatehgarh is an independent fort structure which was also built from scratch but has pulled attention from admirers of minimal and classy. It has around 40 to 50 Rooms & Suits. The venues include Main pool side and courtyard, inner courtyard and 2 other terraces. One can arrange gathering of 150-160 guests conveniently with a round table arrangement. If you want to make bigger capacity event, you can arrange at some other place also. If the capacity does not fulfill requirement, we consider the venue to be not suitable for big events but it is good for small events. If you want to plan best of your destination wedding visit Reynold wedding planner knows how to plan for big events and small events, without compromising on the place. Fort Fatehgarh has may other Hotel, lawns and hall nearby which can be work out for bigger events. If you have proper wedding planner like Reynold, you are rest assure for the venue and its planning.