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Wedding_decoration_goaA destination wedding is one of the best ways of getting married. Recently I went to Udaipur and It was best wedding experience. Udaipur offers many options for wedding venue like Goa has. Goa is one of the best wedding destinations and the beach wedding is highly preferred by people. If you want to plan the proper destination wedding, visit The wedding place which I attended at Udaipur was quiet Palatial and grand, it sits right on Lake Pichola with 79 Rooms & Suites. The Leela Palace was the place and it was the most beautiful location which is the Poolside deck and attached Lawns as you see above in picture could hold 150-170 guests comfortably on the higher side. Guava Lawns the other venues by the lake is beautiful and fit for other wedding events. A destination wedding can be planed as per your need. If you want to have the entire place, you can take, or you can take as per your events. Sometimes taking up entire place comes very costly. In case of the budget permits, you may like to take up Leela or another 5-star hotel for stay and still have events at other locations.

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Beaches are always best attraction and people love beachside activities. Also it is seen that Goa offers many transport mode like taxi, bike, bus ad personal transport. If you love to self drive, it is easy to find Bikes and Cars on rent. Food is cheap and you really have choice of variety of food. Goa is Sea Food lover’s paradise and people love to explore beachside food stalls. One can have best beach wedding in Goa as it offers best place and ambience at 5 star hotels on beaches. If you had been waiting to read some reviews about different Venues and Hotels in Goa, you can visit Reynold Wedding Planner are one of the finest wedding planner in India. They have number of beach wedding and theme wedding on their website to check out. You should contact them if you require any information helping you plan your wedding in Goa. One should have the number of guest and budget in their mind before planning the wedding. If you are paying for everyone's stay, well this is one major element which can eat up to 50% of total budget. If not you might still be paying up for the stay of close family and relatives. So it is necessary to plan the number of guests and budget first