Why you should choose Leela Goa for destination wedding ?

Goa has many 5 star hotels and resorts for the destination wedding. But Leela Goa is one of the best venue for destination wedding as it has gorgeous ambience, amazing decorative rooms with services. They have mouth watering food to offer and warm staff members to serve you. Also there are outdoor venues on beachside, Main Pool side and Lawns. There are couple of smaller banquet halls to host lunches and after parties. They have sufficient place to cater around 350 guests, some indoor spaces are smaller but they are best for small functions like mahendi. They have sufficient rooms but one can book other rooms at some other place and arrange all the event at Leela Goa. If you wonder that how much it will cost and what are other charges to host the guest for 2 to 3 days? I think you should contact Reynold Wedding Planner as they know, how to plan properly in budget. For further detain visit www.reynoldweddings.com as you can also find some ideas about the theme weddings. They will also guide about the time when you can get best rates. During April to Sept, one can get 40% to 50% discount. It is always better to plan in advance to avoid last moment hassle and proper discount.

Sunset Wedding in Goa

Goa is the place of tourist as it offers best of the luxury. The destination wedding is highly preferred in Goa. Sunset wedding in Goa is the most preferred theme wedding. If you are looking for the sunset wedding in Goa, visit www.reynoldweddings.com. Reynold Wedding planner offers best theme wedding in Goa with 24/7 wedding planning within budget. Sunset wedding in Goa is one of the best weddings, as sunset wedding at a beach is most memorable. Goa has many 5 star hotels and resorts which have private beaches. These beaches are used for the wedding event. If you want to have the sunset wedding in Goa. Check out one of wedding planning at Reynolds Gallery to know more about that. Reynold wedding planner plan different types of theme wedding as per the requirement and budget. They also plan a wedding outside Goa. They have planned many weddings at Udaipur, Rajasthan, out of India as well. Recently at Oberoi Udai Vilas at Udaipur, there was one royal wedding was planned by them and it was amazing planning. It has total 89 Rooms & Suites and they have best amenities and facilities. Reynold wedding planning is indeed very upscale and beautiful and therefore it comes with a price tag too.


Beach Wedding Planner Goa and Udaipur

Wedding_decoration_goaA destination wedding is one of the best ways of getting married. Recently I went to Udaipur and It was best wedding experience. Udaipur offers many options for wedding venue like Goa has. Goa is one of the best wedding destinations and the beach wedding is highly preferred by people. If you want to plan the proper destination wedding, visit www.reynoldweddings.com. The wedding place which I attended at Udaipur was quiet Palatial and grand, it sits right on Lake Pichola with 79 Rooms & Suites. The Leela Palace was the place and it was the most beautiful location which is the Poolside deck and attached Lawns as you see above in picture could hold 150-170 guests comfortably on the higher side. Guava Lawns the other venues by the lake is beautiful and fit for other wedding events. A destination wedding can be planed as per your need. If you want to have the entire place, you can take, or you can take as per your events. Sometimes taking up entire place comes very costly. In case of the budget permits, you may like to take up Leela or another 5-star hotel for stay and still have events at other locations.

Christian Wedding Planning Goa

Christian Wedding planning in Goa is amazing as it offers best of places and decoration. Beach wedding with the white theme in Goa is very attractive. Recently I attended one wedding in Goa at Taj was best wedding planning I witness. For the best wedding planning in Goa, visit www.reynoldweddings.com. They plan the best wedding in our budget. We as Guest’s were transported to Venue by them in the car, also the Boats could pick you from Hotel’s Jetty which is more convenient. It’s a huge venue and could take up even 1000 guests combining 3 sections but the challenge is to transport that number too and from by Bus. We had 300 guests and it was the best planning as everyone was taken care individually. It was roughly Rs. 20 lakh for first 100 guests and Rs. 9000 per person beyond that. This is to cover the meals and very basic decor, transport of guests and some frills like Welcome, a cultural dance show etc. Actually one can plan as per their requirement but this is roughly ideas about the basic destination wedding planning for 200 guests. Christian wedding in Goa usually has white theme in decoration with traditional Church wedding followed by dinner. It is dream come true to have the wedding in Goa. For more inquiry, one should come and visit Reynold Wedding Planner.


Destination Wedding Cost Goa

Ramada Caravela Goa WeddingWedding in Goa is dream come true. Goa is known international tourist destination. People like to visit Goa for many reasons and thus it is the best destination for a wedding. If you have a budget of 50 to 60 lakh you can rock the wedding if you spend this money at Wedding in Goa. If you host a wedding in Goa, you will definitely cherish the memory for lifetime. For more wedding planning in Goa, visit www.reynoldweddings.com as they plan the best destination wedding in Goa. You can also plan at Udaipur to aim at Palatial locations. You know there are numbers of modern 5-star Hotels and Resorts at Goa, Udaipur and other destinations. So what do you want and how you want to plan is very important. If you select Udaipur there are many hotel places like Jagmandir island palace, City Palace, and many others. If you decide Goa, it offers Taj hotel, Holiday Inn, and many others. So basically once the venue is decided, you can plan how to plan each and every ceremony. Some hotels offer a complete package of decoration to food, transportation to services. We need to plan as per our budget and number of guests we have decided. Some time we need to cut down a number of guest in order to fit in the budget as we need more perfection in the ceremony and for more number of guests will cost more. So proper wedding planner can help us to plan the proper wedding in Goa.

Plan Wedding in Goa

Get the free quote for your dream Destination wedding in Jaipur, Mumbai, Udaipur, and Goa.

Jaipur_destination_wedding_costIf you are planning destination wedding, how many guests you are planning and what is your budget? It is very important to have the budget so that you can plan your destination wedding in budget. People prefer Udaipur, Jodhpur, Goa for the destination wedding. Udaipur has become so popular as a Wedding Destination that while planning a wedding, you need to plan properly. Hosting wedding in Udaipur may cross your mind but it takes a lot to plan proper wedding planning. People are very confuse, how to go about it? For example if you are expecting 200 plus guests, you need to check the place where you can accommodate them. If it is Udaipur there are places like city palace, Leela, Udai Vilas, Taj lake Palace and others. If you are planning a traditional wedding for 2 to 3 days period, you must have a budget of 50 to 60 lakh. But if you have proper wedding planner you can make best out of these budget. Recently I attended one wedding in Goa, which has built best memory. They have booked 5 star hotel with best ambience, decoration, food and services. For more inquiry on the wedding planning in Goa, visit www.reynoldweddings.com.

Dipika- Ranveer – Wedding on the Cards

Destination wedding of Deepika and Ranveer ?

Just after a fairytale wedding of Anushka and Viraat, Now its turn of Dipika and Ranveer. looks like Soon Dipika and Ranveer will going to follow their footsteps.

As per latest report, Dipika's parents just flew from Banglore to Mumbai to meet Ranveer's parents to discuss wedding card details and wedding date.

As per latest speculation, they are going to follow the trend of destination wedding sat up by Virushka.

Ranveer'sFamily wanted to have the wedding in Mumbai, so their friends and family can take part in a wedding ceremony. Deepika wants to have the wedding as per south Indian tradition.
Everyone including us, are waiting for the grand wedding ceremony of Deepika and Ranveer.

Taj Exotica Wedding

Wedding Tips for Taj Exotica Goa … Book Now and Save More !!!!

Wedding is life time event and one need to have best planning for their special day. Some want exotic planning, some want romantic planning, some want white theme wedding and some want fairytale wedding planning. There are numbers of wedding planning can be done as per the wish and creativity. It is very important to execute the way we have dream off. It is seen that Taj Exotica Wedding is one of the best wedding takes place in Goa. Recently I visited the place and it was best wedding planning and enjoyed a lot. It was best venue with local flower decoration. They had best food with variety of cuisine and mouth watering taste. They have taken care of all guests in their rooms with best services. I inquired about the planner and they had Reynold Wedding Planner for the wedding planning. For more information one can check out, www.reynoldweddings.com as they have number of successful wedding planning done. Taj hotel is known as the best 5 star hotel but to make the complete use of it in such a way is remarkable. Reynold wedding planner knows how to handle the venue at their best. One must check out their wedding planning at 5 star hotels in Goa and others, on their website.

Videographer in Goa

Plan your Pre-Wedding photography and Videography on beautiful beaches of Goa.

Videographer in Goa have amazing opportunities for the work. People like to do wedding in Goa at beaches and one can have the best of photographs for their memory. Photography and Videography is very important for the wedding, people like to capture their moments and cherish for lifetime. For any wedding planning videographer is very important and one need to make sure that they are having the right videographer. Usually wedding planner help you to get the best videographer at reasonable rates. For the best wedding planning one need to hire the wedding planner like Reynold wedding planner and they can be checked at www.reynoldweddings.com. Wedding planning is most important part as it will decide how wedding will be, how much finance will be affected and it will be fun or stressful. If you have proper wedding planner, you will have best wedding and you will be able make it most memorable. Reynold wedding is renowned wedding planner in Goa and they will provide the best venue, food, decoration and other requirements in your budget. They make sure that you are relaxed and enjoying your event fully. Above all they will provide the best photographer and videographer for your requirement.

Event Planners in Goa

Wedding Event Planning : Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Ramada Caravela Goa WeddingEvent planners in Goa have great future as people prefer Goa as their destination for wedding. Goa offers best luxury, food, ambience and entertainment, so people prefer Goa as their destination for wedding. If it is in your budget, work with a wedding planner, because in the long run, they will actually save your money. They will keep you on track and will not allow you to go over budget. They will ensure you stick to the budget you are allocated to them. It is obvious that they have excellent contacts with the suppliers and agencies who are working for wedding planning. So, they lead to better deals than you may be able to get. If you want to cut down the wedding cost, simple way is to cut down on costs is to cut guests. It is not the easiest thing to do, but given that your reception is, likely, the most expensive part of your wedding, the fewer guests you have, the lower your overall cost. Maybe you will need to be a little stricter with who your parents invite and you may have the courage to not invite people you don’t know or with whom you’ve had no recent contact. Whatever your solution, cutting down your guest list is a sure-fire way to help cut your wedding costs. After that hire the wedding planner who can help you plan everything within the budget. For the best wedding planner, visit www.reynoldweddings.com.

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