Christian Wedding Planning Goa

Christian Wedding planning in Goa is amazing as it offers best of places and decoration. Beach wedding with the white theme in Goa is very attractive. Recently I attended one wedding in Goa at Taj was best wedding planning I witness. For the best wedding planning in Goa, visit They plan the best wedding in our budget. We as Guest’s were transported to Venue by them in the car, also the Boats could pick you from Hotel’s Jetty which is more convenient. It’s a huge venue and could take up even 1000 guests combining 3 sections but the challenge is to transport that number too and from by Bus. We had 300 guests and it was the best planning as everyone was taken care individually. It was roughly Rs. 20 lakh for first 100 guests and Rs. 9000 per person beyond that. This is to cover the meals and very basic decor, transport of guests and some frills like Welcome, a cultural dance show etc. Actually one can plan as per their requirement but this is roughly ideas about the basic destination wedding planning for 200 guests. Christian wedding in Goa usually has white theme in decoration with traditional Church wedding followed by dinner. It is dream come true to have the wedding in Goa. For more inquiry, one should come and visit Reynold Wedding Planner.


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