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Jaipur_destination_wedding_costIf you are planning destination wedding, how many guests you are planning and what is your budget? It is very important to have the budget so that you can plan your destination wedding in budget. People prefer Udaipur, Jodhpur, Goa for the destination wedding. Udaipur has become so popular as a Wedding Destination that while planning a wedding, you need to plan properly. Hosting wedding in Udaipur may cross your mind but it takes a lot to plan proper wedding planning. People are very confuse, how to go about it? For example if you are expecting 200 plus guests, you need to check the place where you can accommodate them. If it is Udaipur there are places like city palace, Leela, Udai Vilas, Taj lake Palace and others. If you are planning a traditional wedding for 2 to 3 days period, you must have a budget of 50 to 60 lakh. But if you have proper wedding planner you can make best out of these budget. Recently I attended one wedding in Goa, which has built best memory. They have booked 5 star hotel with best ambience, decoration, food and services. For more inquiry on the wedding planning in Goa, visit

Getting Married in Goa

Getting married in Goa is cherry on the cake, dream come true for any bride. One need proper wedding planner who can your wedding. It is seen that like any other industry there are numbers of wedding planner available in Goa but best planning can be done by very few. One of the best can be checked at as Reynold wedding planner have best resources for planning. They not only plan best wedding but they go extra mile and make it most memorable. Many ladies are very creative and they have idea about their looks and wedding planning. Wedding planner has to incorporate all idea so that they can get as per their wish. Many women could make simple garments at home, but they want dressmaker for more elaborate, formal items. Sometimes bride have copied designs from fashion houses around the world. In such cases, a dressmaker needs measuring skills, as it must be able to sew by machine and hand. Just because they work closely with customers, it’s essential to be a good communicator. They should be able to create a garment from start to finish, and be able to make wedding dress to get the ideal fit. For such need one need proper wedding planner like Reynold Wedding planner as they can get the best one for you.

Best place to get married in World: Part-1

Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii. …
Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington. …
Sodo Park in Seattle, Washington. …
Beaulieu Garden in Rutherford, California. …
Union Hill Inn in Sonora, CA. …
Bear Flag Farm in Winters, California. …
Big Daddy’s Antiques in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

Couples get engaged every year and get married during the holiday season so that more guests can attend the wedding. Usually, it is a new year, they are actively planning their weddings. Many couples want to get married somewhere close to family or in the city where they met, but others want to exchange their vows in exciting locations around the world. There are many places around the world is preferred but I will tell you one by one about each one. Mexico is one of the top places amongst the vacationers. It’s tough to beat Mexico's diversity as a vacation destination. It has an incredibly friendly relationship with the United States and while Spanish is Mexico’s national language, many locals understand English and US dollars are widely accepted. Mexico is gifted with more than 6,000 miles of gorgeous coastline with beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The food is fantastic, the people are friendly in Mexico, and in addition to amazing beaches and jungles offers activities as diverse as exploring Mayan ruins or playing golf on a pro course. There are many locations where one can get their wedding and it include four resorts in Cancun plus additional hotels in Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and many others. If you are looking for an economical yet beautiful destination for a beach wedding, visit Reynold Wedding planner at They make sure that you get the best of the hotel and best wedding planning where ever you want.

All inclusive destination wedding

Wedding in biggest event of our lifetime and we get so busy planning it. Wedding planning isn’t just time-consuming; keeping track of the cost of every detail down to the number of beloved roses in your bouquet can be downright mind-boggling. That is not the case with an all inclusive destination wedding. Here one get the wedding packages in a variety of styles and at different price points let you choose a look, plan the stay and determine your spending everything for one set total. These will make budgeting very easy. You can choose the package  by category and invite the guest as per the budget. Today many wedding planner provide the all inclusive destination wedding packages for wedding. It is easy to plan and one can relax completely. One should check out Reynold Weddings for such packages as they have variety of packages. They can be checked at Your guests will also appreciate the upfront pricing as well; they can park their wallets for the duration of their visit, attack the mini-bar with abandon and take in live entertainment without paying an extra penny. Every hotel and resort you select may have different offerings but one can plan as per the cost and even within the same resort by packages. But most all-inclusive include all meals and snacks, all activities like pool games, night parties, sports equipments, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. It is advisable to go with all inclusive destination wedding packages as they are easy to plan.

Destination wedding in Palaces

Current trend is destination wedding in Palaces. India is blessed with number of palaces and Rajasthan is very known to provide the best palace destination wedding. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur are historical towns, these Palatial locations which are centuries old have been the most premium and exotic venue for weddings. Most of these locations just serve as venue to host festivities and are priced as Packages combining venue, meals, may be some standard decor in terms of banqueting, welcoming of guests etc. There are many favorite  resorts for destination weddings and they are  Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, Oberoi Udaivilas, Lalit Laxmi villas, Leela Palace, Trident Udaipur and many others. There are many advantages of hosting a destination wedding in Udaipur. It has clear blue skies, temples and gardens, fairy-tale palaces, narrow lanes strewn with stalls. Udaipur has the glory of the Rajasthan state surrounded by the lush hills of Aravalis, mirror reflection of the beauty in Lake Pichhola. These things make Udaipur a fascinating blend of sight, sound, fun & experiences. There is so much to do in Udaipur, and you will have the advantage of keeping the guests busy with Tours & Activities throughout the day. If you want the destination wedding in Palaces, Udaipur is the right place and Reynold Wedding Planner is the best wedding planner. For more information of wedding planning visit If you have bigger wedding parties, You can choose to have two palaces hotels, say Leela Palace & the Trident to host about 350 guests, and have separate ceremonies at different venues. These adds to the aroma of being around the lake. One must understand while planning that Udaipur has really narrow lanes leading to most of the hotels. To host an event in Udaipur September to March are the most pleasant months.

Budget destination wedding in India

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Budget is the first thing which comes in the picture while we plan the destination wedding in India. If you are planning the destination wedding, you must have the location in the mind, say for example it is Udaipur. The first question comes is the budget in your mind while looking at Udaipur to host a Destination or a Palace Wedding. Well, it is actually sensible to check on overall budget for Wedding in Udaipur. And if that match up with how much you are planning to spend before you start exploring other information. Now Udaipur is costly affair and one must have at least 50lacs for the destination wedding for the small gathering. Actually expense depends on the number of guest as basic palace booking and event decoration will remain same. One need to finalize the number of guests as each guest charges with food and everything comes around 10,000rs. So if you have 150  to 200 guests, your 15 to 20 lakhs will go in that expense. Hotel booking, event decoration, food, guests pick up and drop, other events like Mahendi, musical night, bachelor's party will cost extra. This shall give you a high level idea of recommended budget to plan a destination wedding in Udaipur. If you want to plan best in your budget, visit for destination wedding in India.

Weddings Goa

Weddings in Goa are dream come true. People already love Goa for the vacation and relaxation. If we have to attend the destination wedding in Goa is just perfect option. But for those who plan their wedding in Goa need some home work. If you want to plan best weddings in Goa, need to hire the professional company like Reynold wedding planner. Reynold wedding planner have arranged many destination weddings in Goa so they know how to plan best within budget. They can be checked at They know that wedding event is rate event and people like to make it most memorable. Those who want to plan the destination wedding, would like to plan so nicely that every guest remember the wedding for years. For guests who have to travel some distance to attend your wedding, you may also need to arrange overnight accommodation or provide a list of local hotels. One must plan everything in the budget and once your budget, theme, venue and guest list have been firm you can enjoy choosing the details that will make the wedding unique to you. One must always have patience while planning so you can never go wrong and have the best memory for lifetime.