Wedding Cake in Goa

Cake is mouthwatering desert and people like to have it in every occasion. Wedding cake was previously seen at some wedding only. But with time we can witness them in every wedding. Wedding cake make it most happening and people love to have cake in the reception or post wedding. Usually it is plan in prior and it becomes most expensive affair. Wedding planner usually guide people for wedding cake, like where to order and how to select best for their purpose. For the best wedding cake visit as they take us to best wedding cake joints. Reynold Weddings are most trusted wedding planner as they not only suggest you best but they will make sure that they save on our budget. They can also allow you best wedding gown for your wedding. Even if some bride wants to wear their grandmothers wedding gown, they suggest best seamstress who can alter it for you. A seamstress must be highly skilled at sewing on a machine and by hand, and they should be comfortable working with all types of fabrics. Though they often sew clothing, any textile item, from accessories to upholstery, can be constructed or altered by a talented seamstress. All these things will be taken care by wedding planner.

Wedding cake in Goa

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Wedding cake was most common in Christian wedding since years. But with time every religion has adopted cake in their wedding. Usually they arrange the cake in the reception and couple cut the cake during the reception ceremony. Cake is very important as it takes place in the last and thus usually it is planned very nicely. I recently noticed that there was cake of the shape of couple and it was made exactly the way couple was looking, means dress, color, accessories and everything. It was best cake I ever come across. It was planned by Reynold wedding planner and for more detail you can visit their website at They have planned everything in advance and took the photograph of the outfit once it was final and cake was prepared very nicely. They also you find wedding gown designer. Clothing today is mass-produced and affordable, which has decreased the need for a tailor, however, people still use tailors to make items for special occasions like wedding. Today wedding dress, wedding cake, decoration, food and everything is taken care by the professional company and it is very important to plan in advance. With the professional help one can get the best wedding planning.