Budget destination wedding in India

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Budget is the first thing which comes in the picture while we plan the destination wedding in India. If you are planning the destination wedding, you must have the location in the mind, say for example it is Udaipur. The first question comes is the budget in your mind while looking at Udaipur to host a Destination or a Palace Wedding. Well, it is actually sensible to check on overall budget for Wedding in Udaipur. And if that match up with how much you are planning to spend before you start exploring other information. Now Udaipur is costly affair and one must have at least 50lacs for the destination wedding for the small gathering. Actually expense depends on the number of guest as basic palace booking and event decoration will remain same. One need to finalize the number of guests as each guest charges with food and everything comes around 10,000rs. So if you have 150  to 200 guests, your 15 to 20 lakhs will go in that expense. Hotel booking, event decoration, food, guests pick up and drop, other events like Mahendi, musical night, bachelor's party will cost extra. This shall give you a high level idea of recommended budget to plan a destination wedding in Udaipur. If you want to plan best in your budget, visit www.reynoldweddings.com for destination wedding in India.

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