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Wedding cake was most common in Christian wedding since years. But with time every religion has adopted cake in their wedding. Usually they arrange the cake in the reception and couple cut the cake during the reception ceremony. Cake is very important as it takes place in the last and thus usually it is planned very nicely. I recently noticed that there was cake of the shape of couple and it was made exactly the way couple was looking, means dress, color, accessories and everything. It was best cake I ever come across. It was planned by Reynold wedding planner and for more detail you can visit their website at They have planned everything in advance and took the photograph of the outfit once it was final and cake was prepared very nicely. They also you find wedding gown designer. Clothing today is mass-produced and affordable, which has decreased the need for a tailor, however, people still use tailors to make items for special occasions like wedding. Today wedding dress, wedding cake, decoration, food and everything is taken care by the professional company and it is very important to plan in advance. With the professional help one can get the best wedding planning.

Park Hyatt Goa wedding

Recently I attended wedding in Park Hyatt Goa, and It was best memories till date. My friend, who was getting married has hired the wedding planner called Reynold Wedding planner and they have planned dream wedding for sure. For more detail one should visit They planned theme wedding on the red color and they made best decoration with white and red combination. They have planned best wedding dress for the bride and groom for the best looks. It is seen that tailors, dressmakers, seamstresses and pattern-makers are terms used, to refer to people who make clothes. But while they have comparable skills, and use similar machines and equipment, their jobs are quite different. As long as there have been clothes to make and fix, there have been tailors. In the Middle Ages they began creating clothes that highlighted and decorated, instead of hid, the human shape, and this is regarded as the birth of modern tailoring. A tailor needs to have a strong understanding of fabrics, patterns and stitching techniques. They need to be adept at hand and machine sewing, and they must be able to make alterations, as well as produce clothes from scratch. The clothes usually made or altered by a tailor are jackets, suits, trousers, wedding gowns and others. To achieve the perfect fit, a client needs to be accurately measured, the pattern cut and the material sewn for each custom design. Here professional designer comes in place with unique style, design and color. For any wedding, wedding dress is first priority and one must have the professional for that.

Lalit Goa

Celebrate your wedding at Lalit Goa !!!!

Last year I visited wedding at Lalit Goa and it was best wedding till date. Currently people like modern wedding with destination wedding theme. For the best wedding planning in Goa one should check out as they make sure that you enjoy on your big day and does not have any hassle in planning. Here at Reynold wedding planner, we have got the latest wedding dress designer collections. Our top picks for dress designs and trends, dresses for seasons, themes, style and venues and of a directory of wedding dress designers that will help guide you toward your perfect wedding dress. They make sure that not only wedding dress but you get the perfect decoration, venue, food and other things, all in perfect place. They know that every bride want that her wedding is memorable and if anything goes wrong, it can be affected. There are many things to plan starting from deciding venue, how to put up ceremonies, decoration, guest list and their accommodation, food, transport and others. It is seen that professional planner will help you out plan everything and make sure that you get the best of everything. If you want to make the best memory on the wedding day, hire the professional company like Reynold and relax.

Park Hyatt Goa wedding Cost

Goa is the place of 5 star hotels and resorts, that is why it is highly preferred destination wedding place. Today it is trend to arrange the destination wedding and Goa's 5 star hotels are first preference for that. Recently I visited the Park Hyatt Goa for the wedding and I found that is best place to getting married. I was wondering the Park Hyatt Goa wedding cost and I was surprised, that it is affordable. Today everything is very expensive and it you put together every expensive and check out, you will find that cost of wedding is not much higher. If you compare what you are getting in Park Hyatt is remarkably higher that what you plan at any other place. Reynold wedding planner make sure that you get the best of planning at Park Hyatt and thus one should check out They also help you out on the important purchase like wedding gowns. It is always best to do a little bit of research and also one would like to try wedding dress to check out how it looks. Lots of factors go into making a dress ‘the one’. Style, fit, availability and cost all come into play when you choose your wedding gown. Also one should learn about different fabrics, silhouettes, designers and your body shape to get an idea of what is best for you.

Goa Marriott wedding

Plan you dream wedding in Goa Marriot

Every place has its unique tradition for the wedding and one has to understand that every tradition is important. It is tradition which us what we are today. It is coming from our great grand fathers from years and it gives special touch to the ceremony. Buried within the cake at an Argentinean wedding reception are small charms attached to ribbons that hang throughout the layers. The single women gather around the cake to pull the ribbons, and it is said that whoever pulls out the ring charm will be the next to marry. One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is finding your wedding dress. It is the one chance many of us will get to spend big on a dress, so it is worth putting some effort into. Some women would have dreamed of a style or silhouette for a lifetime and some have no idea what they want. No matter what side of the spectrum you are on, make sure you go into the dress hunt with an open mind, information and inspiration. If you are planning your wedding in open space like on the beach or something like that, your dress must be as per the place. If you are planning your wedding at Goa Marriot, you must have the wedding dress as per the the place. If you are planning your wedding at Goa Marriot, you must have the wedding dress as per the venue and theme of the wedding. One must have the proper wedding planner who can them properly. For the best wedding planner in Goa, visit