Leela Goa

Wedding planning is very important event and one must hire the professional wedding planner like Reynold Wedding Planner. For more detail one should check out www.reynoldwedding.com as they know that how to plan destination wedding in best 5 star hotels like Leela Goa, Park Hyatt and many others. If you are planning for wedding, it is important to list down items to be brought on the wedding day and perform a full review of the items on the checklist. You must appoint someone you trust to assist you in paying the wedding planners after the wedding event is completed. One should also appoint an individual to give back hired items once the wedding event is completed. It is very important to have the professional help on wedding planning as one need an individual to assist in placing wedding location direction guide boards at proper locations, to manage the wedding caterers and the wedding venue arrangement, to coordinate the emcee, DJ, entertainers, site lighting etc. Every wedding is different thus wedding planning is also different. If wedding planner knows exactly how many guests are invited and what are your ideas on wedding planning, they can plan better. So proper communication with wedding planner help to get the best planning on your wedding.

Park Hyatt Goa

Park Hyatt Goa is the place for destination wedding and one can enjoy fully on the wedding day. If you want to plan your wedding within 7 days, know the check list for smooth wedding event. First of all make sure your bridal dress fits and make any alterations if necessary. Appoint the wedding car drivers, people who can follow up with the guest list, guest gifts, decoration, and others. Also review the wedding schedule so that you can plan everything and nothing is left unattended. If you hire the wedding planner than give a copy of the wedding layout to your venue manager and caterer. If you are looking for the professional company visit www.reynoldweddings.com. Reynold wedding planner make sure that they plan the best wedding event. Park Hyatt Goa is famous for destination wedding and one can check out more on the website of Reynold. But before finalizing any hotel or anything, confirm the guest count and give to your wedding planner. Also you must let your wedding planner know of last minute changes. If you want to plan your honeymoon, it is also possible and rather advisable. One must confirm honeymoon reservations and prepare for the honeymoon. After planning everything, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the bridal guest list and then go ahead.

Hotel in India

Hotel in India are famous for destination weddings. People like to do destination weddings as they can stay with the close friends and family during those important days. If you want to plan destination wedding in India, visit www.reynoldweddings.com. Reynold make sure that you get the best of everything in your wedding. If you have 6 to 8 weeks in your wedding planning than first finalize marriage ceremony particulars with marriage officiate. After that follow-up with invitees who have yet to reply and complete arrangements for guest seating. Create a comprehensive timeline of the wedding event. Give a copy of the wedding plan to the wedding vendors. Decide who will escort the bride and groom on the wedding day. Decide photographer and give a checklist of photos you would like captured. Give a list of special people or events you want included in the video to your videographer. Give the list of songs you would like played at your wedding event to the DJ. Prepare the wedding venue direction guide boards, gift collection box and guestbook. One need to decorate both bride and groom's home. It is advisable to plan everything in advance so that you can enjoy the wedding day.

Hotel in Goa

Goa is the place of tourist and it gives best time. That is the reason why people prefer Goa for destination wedding. Today many people prefer Goa and they hire wedding planner to plan their wedding. If you prefer wedding's in Goa, visit www.reynoldweddings.com. Reynold wedding planner make sure that they provide best time in your wedding. They help you build memory for the wedding event. if you have 6 to 8 weeks of time frame, first select the invitation cards and email electronic invitations. Monitor invitations sent out and responses received, and send thank you notes for guests who provided confirmation. From the reply you can finalize the number of guests. It will help you plan the wedding as number guest will help you decide the venue, place to stay and other arrangement for the guest. Once you are done with these buy bride's accessories, shoes, jewelry. One can also rent these things if they don't find the proper to purchase. One must plan the complete catering arrangements with the caterer. Organize pre-wedding and bridal portrait photography to be taken for the life time memory. If you find it difficult to arrange everything individual, find hotel in Goa who can provide everything under one roof.

Taj Goa

Every wedding planning need some time, so that it can be planned well and perfect. Actually planning depends on the time frame you offer. If you have 2 to 4 weeks of short time for wedding than you must follow these things. First of all book your venue for wedding. Also book the special wedding cake as per the theme of the wedding. After these one need to book the wedding car, decoration of the car and other flower decoration booking as it is always in shortage. If you have time to buy the wedding costume, buy them or else rent them. You also need to buy wedding costume for parents, family members, bridesmaids and others. You can also rent them as buying need more time. You must buy the gifts for the guests and assistants as per your gift list. One also need to plan things for the guests who are going to come from out of station. One also need the appointment of the beautician, dentist if needed and others to get ready for the wedding day. Currently it is seen that people who have around 2 to 4 weeks time for wedding planning, go to Taj Goa or some 5 star hotels where you are offered everything in house. You just walk in and relax as everything else is taken care. If you want something like these, visit www.reynoldweddings.com. Reynold Wedding Planner are one of the best planner in Goa and try for the most memorable time.